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If you’ve been injured physically as a consequence of any car accident, the representation and advice of a car accident lawyer will assist you navigate the range of legal problems that will probably surface.

New York Car Accident Attorney are a plaintiff’s law firm who focuses on the car accident law solely. We have seen directly the devastating effects a car accident can actually have on victims as well as their families. A few issues that occur following a car accident consist of:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Repairs
  • Treatments

Our car accident lawyers have noteworthy experience in dealing with car accident claims together with recovering just compensation for the injured victims.


New York Car Accident Lawyer is a law firm dedicated to getting maximum possible recovery for all our clients. Our aim is to maximize the damages literally in your car accident case to ensure that you are compensated properly for your loss of income, physical injuries, inability to do particular duties while injured, potentially permanent issues and out of pocket costs. Car Accident Attorney New York know that it’s our duty to show your injuries and offer a clear picture as to how the car accident has impacted your life quality to the insurance company.

Further, once our car accident lawyer commences representation; New York Car Accident Attorney will investigate the claim thoroughly and try to do following:

  • Interview all the available witnesses.
  • Get photographs of scene if responsibility is at issue with the help of our investigators.
  • Get photographs depicting property damages involved to all involved vehicles.
  • Perform background check on defendant including criminal history.
  • Get all the medical records after and before the accident.
  • Retain capable experts to help us in presenting the case if claim goes to the litigation.
  • Procure and evaluate phone records in case we have a reason to suspect responsible party was utilizing their phone at time of the accident.

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Many car accident lawyers represent car accident victims while handling many additional practice areas, including family law and criminal defense. It’s very hard for a car accident lawyer to deal with a lot of different practice areas, stay updated on the most current changes in every discipline, all when developing a solid level of capability in representing car accident victims. It’s our sincere belief that by concentrating only on car accident law area we can easily avoid being “jack of all the trades and the master of none.” New York Car Accident Lawyer law firm is proud of the great reputation that we’ve earned as aggressive lawyers for the injured all through area.

We often take up cases from other firms who had failed down to locate all the available insurance policies, contact all the available witnesses, get every line of coverage, investigate the car accident or take time to talk with every treating physician to obtain a detailed understanding of client’s injury and future way of medical treatments.


At our law firm, we’ve an in-house investigator on our staff with great experience investigating the reason of the car accident. Furthermore, we talk with and retain well regarded medical specialists and car accident reconstruction specialists to allow us to work up on the case properly. Our aim is to maximize compensation you might recover for injuries that are sustained as a consequence of the car accident. Thus, as car accident lawyers, Car Accident Lawyer New York are as diligent and thorough in every case that we work on.

We ensure that our clients have accessibility always to communicate with our attorneys. So, call Car Accident Lawyer New York to discuss on your car accident case right away and we will be happy to help you with all your issues, big or small.

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